How to make simple sentences – The Ultimate guide for beginners

How to make sentences

How to make sentences

Before we talk about making sentences, we should first learn about the building blocks we use to make sentences. Forming simple sentences in English can be simply categorized into 2 main sentence structures and 5 main kinds of words (Parts of speech). So, the main building blocks you need to form a simple sentence are:

A-Parts of speech

Basically, here we are going to discuss the different types of words. however, for a beginner who is just interested in speaking and forming simple sentences, that could be easily used, we’ll just focus on 5 types of words.

Verbs: actions, things we do.

Nouns: names of countries, jobs, things and so on

Adjectives: words that describe nouns

Adverbs: words that describe verbs, time and place

Gerund: verbs+ing

B-Verb (to be)




Will be








C-Learn some basic words

When you start learning a language you should always start by listening and learning new words with their meaning. In case you haven’t already, go check my other post on how to start learning a language, you’ll find steps to follow:



Now forming sentences

Here we can say that there are 2 main types of sentences in English which are very basic:

  1. Sentences without (verb to be)

  2. Sentences with (verb to be)


1-Sentences without (Verb to be) only include (Verbs) in them


Present simple conjugation:


Present examples:

I play footballYou drink coffee
He studies EnglishShe works


I played footballYou drank coffee
He studied EnglishShe worked


I will play footballYou will drink coffee
He will study EnglishShe will work

Forming questions for sentences without (verb to be)

DOI / you / we / they
DoesHe / she / it


PresentDo, DoesDo you work?Does he play football?
PastDidDid you work?Did he play football?
FutureWillWill you work?Will he play football?


2-Sentences with (Verb to be) include (nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and Gerund) in them. 

In general verb to be is used in a sentence when you want to talk about or describe yourself and others. However, not their actions.

I am a teacherHe is happyShe is late
They are funnyWe are BrazilianThey are doctors
I am studyingHe was playingShe will be a fan
He will be happyShe was a teacherThey will be late

Please remember when you use nouns in your sentences you should also include articles (a/an, the). Articles really depend on different situations and meanings but that is coming in another post in the future.

Making questions:

Basically, we just bring verb (to be) to the beginning of the sentence:

For example:

He is happy

Is he happy?

They are doctors

Are they doctors?

In the future tense, you move “will” to the beginning not verb (to be):

I will be a doctor

Will you be a doctor?

To Sum Up
There you have it, that’s how you form English sentences in the most basic way, if you get these 2 form down and understand them perfectly I can guarantee you that you won’t ever make basic mistakes and it’s only going to go up from there.



A language lover and enthusiast. I grew up with my Egyptian family in England. So, speaking more than 1 language has always been a part of my life. I am a native speaker of both English and Arabic, and It does not just stop at 2 languages. I also teach myself and help others learn. I am an English teacher and a language learner. I teach people using the way I would like to be taught.

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