How to introduce yourself

How to introduce yourself in english

When you decide to learn a language, the first conversational skill you should start on right away is how to introduce yourself to others. Specially since you will be meeting a lot of new people from an entirely new group of people with a different culture and world. Introducing yourself is one of the most essential parts of language learning and is very easily achievable within a period of a day or two. In this article, we will learn how to introduce ourselves to a random person in a casual setting, without any formalities such as introductions conducted in an interview or when meeting a manager at work.


How to introduce yourself (casual):


  • Hello
  • My name is mimo
  • and I am 25 years old.
  • I was born in Egypt and I grew up in England.
  • I am an English teacher
  • My hobbies are travelling, cooking and playing video games
  • it’s very nice to meet you
  • what about you?

 I told you it’s really simple, now Try to create your own introduction just like the one above.

When you are still a beginner in the language you don’t really need to include too many details about yourself, to avoid confusion. Keep it simple and when you feel confident enough you can add all the details you want in the future, such as details about your work and experience in general, about your achievements and future life goals. You can also talk a little about your family members and how interesting they might be.

A simple introduction includes:

  • A greeting (hi, hello)
  • Name (My name is David)
  • Age (I am 17 Years old)
  • Country (I am from America)
  • Work (I am a Pilot)
  • Hobbies (my hobbies are watching TV and doing sports)


Learning a language can only work in steps, taking 1 step at a time. With a strong foundation, you can start building your language with confidence. Always be sure to go over your self-introduction often, since it should always be up to date and as accurate as possible.

List of greetings


Hello, How are you?
Hi, How is it going?
Hello, How have you been?
Hi, How do you do?

List of Jobs

Before actually introducing yourself to people perfectly, you still need to be able to perfectly understand their introductions as well, so knowing some Jobs besides your own is a must. Have a quick look below at some of the most common Professions or jobs in the world. familiarize yourself with those jobs to be on the right track.


List of Countries and nationalities

if you introduce yourself in English then that means you are talking to a foreigner, a person that comes from a different country that your own. therefor knowing the names of other countries and the names of their nationalities is a must. to be able to understand exactly where they come from, since country names vary from language to language.

The U.S.AAmerican
The U.S.AAmerican
The U.KBritish


Questions to ask and answers when meeting someone for the first time

when you meet someone for the first time, the questions and answers below show a typical first time conversation/introduction. learn those questions and answers carefully, to be able to have a simple introductory conversation with anyone you meet.

your introduction should simply answer those questions:

  • what is your name?
  •             My name is …………
  • How old are you?
  •             I am ……. years old
  • where do you come from?
  •             I come from ………..
  • what is your job? / what do you do?
  •             I am a ………… / I work as a ……..
  • what are your hobbies? / what are you into?
  •             My hobbies are singing and exercising / I am into exercising


here is a simple video to help you practice introducing yourself to others.




A language lover and enthusiast. I grew up with my Egyptian family in England. So, speaking more than 1 language has always been a part of my life. I am a native speaker of both English and Arabic, and It does not just stop at 2 languages. I also teach myself and help others learn. I am an English teacher and a language learner. I teach people using the way I would like to be taught.

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