How to improve English Listening – 3 main concepts most learners ignore

How to improve
English listening

Listening, is the hardest and the most important skill to learn, English listening is essential to be able to communicate in English. There is really no secret to improving your English listening. It’s actually quite straight forward and easy. All you need to do is just LISTEN! All the time. And here are some methods that could help you improve your listening quickly and effectively.

1-On and off (music and videos)

First you have to find a song that you enjoy or a video that you are interested in, to avoid getting bored. If you are a beginner then I wouldn’t recommend movies because they are too long. However, if you’re feeling comfortable then go ahead. Then you could start this 3-step method to improve your listening.

Songs and videos:

Step 1:

Listen to the song (without) looking at the lyrics, and try to understand as much as possible. (1st minute of the song ONLY).

Step 2:

Listen to that same 1st minute again while looking at the lyrics, repeat this step as much as you need, until you get the word down or even until you memorize them.

Step 3:

Check yourself by listening to the 1st minute again (without) looking at the lyrics and you will instantly feel like you can hear the words better. Of course, you hear them because you already know what they are. But those words that you memorized will be recognizable for you when they are used anywhere.


2-Audio books

Audio books are generally a really good way of improving your language. Since you are using your eyes and ears at the same time it’s always good to use audio books.

Step 1:

listen to the same couple of lines over and over until you are able to say them comfortably and know what they mean. You can look at translations if needed.

Step 2:

always take note of all the new words that come across. Remember a new word should never be memorized alone, always keep it in a sentence.

Step 3:

pause the audio and repeat after the reader, this helps you with pronunciation and intonation, as well as listening of course. If you say it enough your ears and tongue will get used to it.


3-language practice (language partner)

Try to find someone who is significantly better than you at the language to help you with your speaking and listening. Practice makes perfect. All the other previous methods will definitely improve your listening. However, practicing with an actual person is going to improve all aspects of language including a bunch of other personal skills. Such as your confidence. Having confidence can tremendously make your learning process faster.


A language lover and enthusiast. I grew up with my Egyptian family in England. So, speaking more than 1 language has always been a part of my life. I am a native speaker of both English and Arabic, and It does not just stop at 2 languages. I also teach myself and help others learn. I am an English teacher and a language learner. I teach people using the way I would like to be taught.

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