How to find the right way to learn English – You’ve been doing it wrong

How to find the right way to learn English

Learning English

How to find the Right way learn English?

Many teachers or Language academies claim that their way is the best way to learn English and that it can help teach you the language and can help you reach fluency within a time frame. Usually an unrealistic time frame of 3 or 6 months. However, that can never be true since everyone is unique in their mind and how they think. how fast you learn English depends entirely on YOU!!!

It has always been up to YOU and nobody else to find the best way that works for you and how you operate. However, finding that way or method can be a bit of a challenge. Here are some of the methods that worked for me and others to learn our 2nd and 3rd language successfully.

1-Set your target.

First you need to clearly set a target. You must be able to clearly answer the question “why are you learning English?”. Because figuring out your target will greatly help with finding the right learning method for you. For example, if you want to travel to a country for fun and so on, you wouldn’t really need to be a master of the language.

You will just need to be able to do basic communication and know some basic phrases to help you get around. However, if you want to a professional interpreter, then your language needs to be top notch. So, you need to clearly state why you want to learn the language then look at some of the many methods out there. You could even come up with your own learning method and teach it to others one day. When you reach your goal.

2-Music + Lyrics.

Listening to music is a method of learning recommended by many and at the same time considered useless by others. Why? You might ask, well that just proves my point everyone is unique and operates differently. Anyways, you should learn first how to utilize music to your needs, whether it be vocabulary, listening in general or trying to improve your pronunciation.

The first and most important aspect is finding a singer or song that you genuinely enjoy listening to even if you have no idea what the singer says. Only then you’ll be able to take the extra mile and go all the way till you reach that desired level. A real-life example would be one of my best friends who was able to reach a very high level of language proficiently but listening to his favorite artist’s music for years. Just listening to his music? You might ask. The answer is yes. So, what is the method. Well you listen to it many times, you get the lyrics. Then you start memorizing the lyrics. If you don’t understand the lyrics you go find the translation or ask someone you trust with this new language.


3-Watching “interviews” on the internet.

After you’ve listening to all the music in the world and still feel like you are not really getting there. You can go to something a little bit easier and slower. Which is watching interviews on the internet and reviews. However, this said interview should be about something or someone you are interested in.
For example, if you are interested in technology.

Then go watch a review about the latest cell phone that you might buy in the future and enable the subtitles in the video. Subtitles are automatically generated on most YouTube videos. So, you should be able to watch and read the subtitles at the same time. Even if you don’t understand most of it you will learn a lot from just watching. What will you learn? Well, you will learn body language, mannerisms and intonation. Every language has a unique music and tone to it even if you didn’t notice.

4-Studying regular books

If you have decided to go through the conventional route of books and courses then know in your heart that you wouldn’t really speak English. You will just be able to read and write well. That could be perfectly fine with some people who are learning to be a translator and so on. Therefor determining your goal exactly is a very important thing. When you study from a book make to focus on the meaning first then you can focus on grammar rules and so on.

For example, you are in the chapter than explains the Present perfect tense. Before actually looking at the rule and how to form the sentences.

Look at examples and context to fully understand that meaning then go confirm your understanding by looking at the rule. This method will help you a lot on the long run and it will surely make understanding large articles easier in the future.

*** It should be fun “for you” ***

In terms of learning not just a language but anything in life, Fun = effective. Whatever method you are trying, even if it works so well for everyone. Then you feel like it doesn’t work well for you. You will start feeling that it’s your fault and that you are not smart enough. However, that is absolutely incorrect. Because everyone’s brain is wired differently.

Everyone has his own gate and entrance to their mind. Therefore, it is completely up to you to find what works for you. Because you know yourself better than anyone. Be confident and Enjoy the language. If it isn’t fun for you then don’t waste your time and go find a way that you thoroughly enjoy.


A language lover and enthusiast. I grew up with my Egyptian family in England. So, speaking more than 1 language has always been a part of my life. I am a native speaker of both English and Arabic, and It does not just stop at 2 languages. I also teach myself and help others learn. I am an English teacher and a language learner. I teach people using the way I would like to be taught.

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